Judy Fox

Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Economic Justice Clinic, University of Notre Dame

Fox Judith

Judith Fox is a Clinical Professor of Law at the Notre Dame Law School, where she teaches and practices consumer law.  She joined the faculty in 1997 and teaches courses in consumer law and negotiation.  Ms. Fox directs the Economic Justice Project, a low income clinic specializing in foreclosure and debt collection defense.  Judy graduated from Notre Dame Law School, magna cum laude in 1993, where she was the articles editor of the Notre Dame Law Review. 

Ms. Fox’s advocacy and research focus on issues of predatory lending and debt collection.   She is a member of the Consumer Advisory Board of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Indiana Mortgage Foreclosure Task Force.  She has received numerous awards for her advocacy, including the Rodney F. Ganey, Ph.D. Faculty Community Based Research Award for her research on foreclosure issues in Indiana and the Grenville Clark Award for voluntary activities that advance the cause of peace and human rights.  Ms. Fox provides trainings and seminars across the country on issues related to mortgage foreclosure and debt collection and, most recently, as a trainer for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s toolkit, Your Money Your Goals, to assist low income consumers gain financial literacy.

Her research and publications concentrate on issues of foreclosure and debt collection and include, among others, Rush to Judgment:  How the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fails to Protect Consumers in Judicial Debt Collection, 13 FSU Bus. L. Rev. 37 (2014), Do We Have a Debt Collection Crisis?  Some Cautionary Tales of Debt Collection in Indiana 24 Loyola Consumer Law Review 355(2011), and The Foreclosure Echo:  How Abandoned Foreclosures are Re-Entering the Market through Debt Buyers, 26 Loy. Consumer L. Rev 25.